3-The Technologies Of E-learning Industry Iran
  • Title : 3-The Technologies Of E-learning Industry Iran
  • Date : 2017
  • Publisher : Samam System
  • NO of Pages : 66
  • Contents:
  • Foreword

    A review of the technologies of the animation industry

    Technological capabilities of E-learning Industry of Iran

  • Introduction :
  • E-learning is a modern result of interconnection between technology and education which provides a potential

    for life-long learning in every time and every place. The new methods brought about by this kind of education

    caused the people and institutes all over the world to use this technology. The international E-learning market

    has now a value more than 110 Billion Dollars.

    E-learning has now a place in the Iranian education system and because of the huge demands will expand in the future.

    Iran’s population is one the youngest in the world. 38 percent of Iranians are under 18 years old and 70 percent under

    29 years old. The school and university students, Clergies, teachers and institutes staffs are the main audience of this

    technology. The Iranian education system has two main periods of elementary and high schools which contains 12 years

    of a student’s life. According to the latest statements, in Iran there are approximately 12 million students and more than

    half a million teachers with more than 550,000 classrooms.

    The national documents and the operational programs of the ministry of education have considered E-learning an

    important mean to expand Iranian educational infrastructures. This is the same for the Iran’s 20-year vision plan.

    According to the article 30 of Islamic republic constitution: “this is the government’s duty to provide free educational

    tools for all the people until the end of high school period and also, as far as possible, to develop the high education for

    free”. Based on this article, using the new technologies and E-learning is one the macro-approaches to revolutionize the

    education system of the country and reach to a satisfiable level of educational justice

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