2-The Technologies Of Video Game Industry Iran
  • Title : 2-The Technologies Of Video Game Industry Iran
  • Date : 2017
  • Publisher : Samam System
  • NO of Pages : 77
  • Contents:
  • Foreword

    A review of the technologies of video game industry

    Technological Capabilities of Game Industry of Iran

  • Introduction :
  • The video game industry is one of the most profitable cultural and creative industries. According to Newzoo

    reports, the revenue of video game industry will reach to 108.9 billion dollar in 2017, out of which 42 percent

    belongs to mobile games.

    According to the latest research by Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation in 2016, there are now more than

    23 million gamers in Iran, who play more than an hour a week. Among these people, the average time of a day spent on

    gaming is more than 79 minutes. In average, each Iranian family has a gamer on its own. The most important issue is that

    video games are no longer the sole media for children and teenagers; video games have now become an inclusive media

    for adolescents with an average age of 21 years old too. The sale of this industry in Iran in 2015 amounted to 140,000,000

    Dollars (including hardware and software), which unfortunately only 5% of it belonged to Iranian games. All of these

    statements indicate the importance and potential of this industry.

    According to the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation`s estimation, the cost of creating a job in video games is

    between 7,500 and 9,500 Dollars, indicating a faster cycle of job creation. Also, in this industry, a wide range of specialists,

    such as experts in the areas of art, game design, programming, sounding, publishing, distribution, management, etc., are

    involved in this industry. This fact confirms the entrepreneurial potential of this field and also reflects the complexity of

    production and management of huge game development projects which sometimes include staff members of over 200

    different types of specialties.

    According to the abovementioned explanations and because of its profitability and cultural impact, the video game

    industry has always been considered as a strategic industry and its development seems necessary for the government.

    Given the fact that the development of the game industry requires the development of technology, paying attention to the

    comprehensive and integrated technology development, localization, and commercialization is of great importance.

    Accordingly, due to the importance of video games technology and overall governmental plan to advance the video

    game technologies, the Soft technology development council of the Vice Presidency for science and technology of Iran

    after identification and study of different technologies and design of a technology tree, has decided to publish a book on

    video game technologies. In this book, besides the classification and introduction of advanced technologies of world

    in the field of video game, Iran`s technological capabilities in this industry are explained in the form of introduction of

    practitioners of this industry.

    The purpose of this book is to introduce existing capabilities in the video game industry for private sector investors both

    inside and outside the country. On the domestic side, the existence of a comprehensive database of the companies active

    in the field of video game will allow private sector investors to attract attention to the technological capabilities of active

    companies and the profitability of the video game industry and to more practically facilitate investment.

    In the foreign side, by presenting the companies’ information and their capabilities, appropriate information is provided

    about the technological capacities of the country to create economic and technological cooperation.

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