1-The Technologies Of Animation Industry Of Iran
  • Title : 1-The Technologies Of Animation Industry Of Iran
  • Date : 2017
  • Publisher : Samam System
  • NO of Pages : 65
  • Contents:
  • Foreword

    A review of the technologies of the animation industry

    Technological capabilities of Iran’s animation studios

  • Introduction :
  • The animation industry is known as one of the strategic branches of the creative industries which is growing rapidly in

    the world. In addition to its high profitability, the industry also has an impact on the cultural aspect. Since children and

    teenagers form a wide range of audiences of animation products, the animation industry has a significant impact on culture

    and lifestyle. Therefore, the pioneering countries in the production of animation will be somehow powerful in the area of soft war

    and can change the culture of a region with a favorite animation of their own interest.

    correspondingly, the leading countries have made significant investments in this area. North American and European countries

    account for 90% of the investment in the world’s animation industry. Although 90% of the American and European television shows

    are produced in Asia, it has been approximately forty years since Western studios began producing animation products first in Japan,

    then South Korea and Taiwan, and now in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and China due

    to cheaper labor force.

    The development of technology in the animation industry is important because the quality of the effects of animation in attracting

    audiences and the cultural impact on audience`s behavior is directly related to the quality of the technology’s power and the technical

    knowledge used in the design and production of animated works. Therefore, despite transfering the studios from pioneering

    countries to developing countries, the driving force behind the development of strategic technologies in the animation industry is

    in advanced countries, and rarely is technical knowledge developed at these studios commercially published. Therefore, paying

    attention to the development of technology and know-how in the animation industry is recognized as a key lever in the development

    of the animation industry, which will, in addition to increasing the quality of production of animations, greatly reduce the cost of


    Accordingly, due to the importance of technology and the creation of a suitable platform for its development, including the

    strategic missions of Technology Development councils of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology of Iran, Soft Technology

    Development council of The Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, in order to develop the technologies of cultural industries,

    has sought to identify technology in the field of animation. Accordingly, after studying and identifying the existing technologies and

    drawing the technology tree, the preparation and compilation of the present book _Technologies of the animation industry of Iran_

    was on the agenda. In this book, while presenting the classification and introduction of the technologies of the animation industry,

    the country’s technological capabilities in this industry are explained in the form of introduction of industry Practitioners.

    The purpose of the publication of this book is to introduce existing capabilities in the animation industry to private sector investors

    inside and outside the country. On the domestic side, the existence of a comprehensive database of animation companies will allow

    private sector investors to attract the attention of the private sector to the technological capabilities of the active companies and the

    profitability of the animation industry and to actually facilitate investment.

    On the foreign side, by presenting the companies’ information and their technological capabilities, appropriate information is

    provided about the technological capacities of the country to create economic and technological cooperation.


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