• Package name : VisSim
  • Free software : N
  • Implementation language : c
  • Last Up_dated year : 2011
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  • Software Description :

    VisSim Embedded's parent company, Visual Solutions, has recently been acquired by Altair and its products have been rebranded as solidThinking Embed as a part of solidThinking's new Model Based Development Suite. This is an exciting time for the product as development will continue with an even larger team of developers all with the common goal of creating and improving an already world-class product .
    “Partnering with Altair and solidThinking will bring current and future VisSim users many benefits, including integration with a world-class engineering organization and software portfolio,” noted Peter Darnell, Vice President of Software Development for solidThinking Embed and previous President and Owner of Visual Solutions. “Moreover, Altair’s steadfast commitment to elite customer service and technical support mirrors our own and bodes well for the future.”

  • Company : solidThinking