2-Dynamic Modeling for Business Management An Introduction
  • Book Title : 2-Dynamic Modeling for Business Management An Introduction
  • Year : 2004
  • NO of Pages : 323
  • Author : Bernard McGarvey Bruce Hannon
  • Contents :

    Chapter 1. Introduction to Dynamic Modeling

    Chapter 2. Modeling of Dynamic Business Systems

    Chapter 3. Measuring Process Performance

    Chapter 4. Single-Step Processes

    Chapter 5. Multistep Serial Workflow Processes

    Chapter 6. Multistep Parallel Workflow Processes

    Chapter 7. The Supplier Interface: Managing Risk

    Chapter 8. Customer Interface

    Chapter 9. The Tradeoffs Among Quality, Speed, and Cost

    Chapter 10. Modeling Supply Chains

    Chapter 11. The Dynamics of Management Strategy: An Ecological Metaphor

    Chapter 12. Modeling Improvement Processes

    Appendix A. Modeling Random Variation in Business Systems

    Appendix B. Economic Value Added

    Appendix C. Derivation of Equations 6.2, 6.3, and 6.4

    Appendix D. Optimization Techniques for the Customer Interface Model

    Appendix E. System Requirements for the CD-ROM

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