7- Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control
  • Journal Title : 7- Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control
  • aim / scope :

    Adaptive and Optimal Control; Aerospace Systems; Computer Control; Distributed Parameter Systems and Control; Energy Systems and Control; Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence; Fluid Control Systems; Instrumentation and Components; Manufacturing Technology; Mechatronics; Modeling and Identification; Nonlinear Systems and Control; Power Systems; Production Systems; Real Time Control; Robotics; Servomechanics; Signal Processing; Systems Theory; Automotive and transportation systems; Uncertain Systems and Robust Control and Bio-Systems.

  • Publisher : American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • Issue per Year : 12
  • Abstracting and Indexing :

    Adaptive And Optimal Control
    Aerospace Systems
    - Automotive Controls
    - Autonomous Systems
    - Computer Control
    - Condition Based Monitoring
    - Distributed Parameter Systems - And Control
    - Energy Systems And Control
    - Fluid Control Systems
    - Instrumentation And Components
    - Intelligent Control
    - Magnetic Levitation
    - Manufacturing Technology
    - Mechatronics
    - Modeling Of Dynamic Systems
    - Motion Controls
    - Nonlinear Systems And Control
    - Power Systems
    - Production Systems
    - Real Time Control
    - Robotics
    - Sensor Networks
    - Sensors And Actuators
    - Structural Health Monitoring
    - System Identification
    - Transportation And BioMedical Systems
    Uncertain Systems And Robust Control
    Vibration Control


    eISSN: 1528-9028

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