19- International Journal on Food System Dynamics
  • Journal Title : 19- International Journal on Food System Dynamics
  • aim / scope :

    Understanding the development of the food system requires a system view that captures the complexity of the system and its many interrelationships with its economic, social and natural environments. The Journal accepts and offers papers within this broad range of issues focussing on the management, policy, marketing, consumer aspects, transparency, e-commerce, institutional or regional development, information and communication systems, ressource economics, production economics, chain management, network economics, and similar aspects. Papers may focus on modeling, empirical research or theoretical analyis. This broad range of publication opportunities asks authors to follow clear lines of arguments and to present arguments in a convincing way that avoids unnecessary complexities of model formulations if not relevant for the support of arguments.

  • Publisher : CENTMA R+D21esearch International Center for Management, Communication, and Research
  • Issue per Year : 4

     ISSN 1869-6945

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