• Package name : AnyLogic
  • Free software : N
  • Implementation language : Java
  • Last Up_dated year : 2014
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    AnyLogic simulation modeling software is an essential decision-making tool, which supports all existing modeling methods (system dynamics, discrete event, and agent based modeling) and therefore covers all your company’s simulation requirements. Industrial engineers, supply chain analysts, HR managers, market research analysts and strategic planners are using AnyLogic to leverage the power of dynamic simulation throughout the entire business lifecycle. 
    The flexibility and complexity of AnyLogic software allows the utilization of simulation and modeling in virtually all sectors and departments of your business, ensuring more profitable decision making and more efficient problem solving. In all industries, from supply chain and logistics to market research and healthcare, AnyLogic can be applied to multiple levels of your business, including operation, tactical and strategic, quickly becoming an integral part of your organization. What could you achieve?
    No need to purchase and learn separate tools, AnyLogic enables a positive impact in every department of your business.
    Knowledge sharing across multiple departments using one simulation software instead of many.
    Link simulation models from various departments, for example, the inside of your distribution center to your external supply chain and your consumer behavior data, making precise inventory level or production plan recommendations.
    AnyLogic’s multimethod simulation functionality makes this possible to achieve.

  • Company : AnyLogic