Dynaplan Smia
  • Package name : Dynaplan Smia
  • Free software : N
  • Implementation language : C++
  • Last Up_dated year : 2013
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    System dynamics, causal loops, multi-dimensional arrays, hierarchical models, reusable components, scripted functions, stochastic and sensitivity analysis, optimization, scenarios
    Armed with over 25 years of experience in the field of modelling and scenario planning, we have created an advanced and flexible tool for strategic business planning: Dynaplan Smia. Combined with our unique analytics technology, proven scenario simulation methodology and experienced analysts, we deliver state of the art solutions in such varied areas as health care planning, finance and controlling, and human resource management.
    Dynaplan’s mission is to contribute to increased quality in strategic and operational planning. Within our solutions, customers can explore the future effect of today’s decisions to balance out risks and opportunities. Therefore we provide our customers with tailored models based on their realities and expertise. Both planners and decision makers are empowered by the software we provide, enabling data collection, scenario building, analysis, viewing results, and presentation all in the same tool.

  • Company : Dynaplan